Walking and Running with Poles for Ultra's - 20th October 2017

Walking with Poles - Part 1

We will ensure you master the technique and feel confident to Nordic Walk. If you can't make all the sessions, please do not worry as we go over all the Gears every session

This course covers the following:

  •  You will learn the fundamentals of the Nordic Walking technique. Gaining forward propulsion from the poles by engaging the correct upper body muscles, understanding correct gait and co-ordination. 
  • Mastering handgrip and use of the pole straps in order to develop technique by adapting the body position and pole angles for walking up and down hills.
  •  Adding more speed through improved technique, understanding how your body reacts to exercise and learning how to stay within your comfort zone.
  • Improving posture and understanding how to use technique, distance, speed and terrain to constantly ensure you get the most out of your Nordic walking!

We will lend out the poles, so all you need is suitable comfortable Trainers and clothes, and waterproofs in case of the changeable Lake District weather! Bring a water bottle in a small rucksack if you wish.


 Date: 20th October 2017 
 Time: 09:30

 Activity Length: 120 mins
 Type: Learn to Nordic Walk 
 Activity Run By: Charlie & Nicola Sproson 
 Location: National Trust Fell Foot Park

Activity Location: National Trust Fell Foot Park 
Address: A592, Ulverston LA12, UK
Location Notes: Please note as you drive into the first Main Car Park at Fell Foot if my Nordic Walking stand is in the covered, but open fronted, hut on your left next to the loos. If not and the day if fine, we will be located down by the cafe. The National Trust guys at the LandRover in the car park can direct your there.

Running with Poles - Part 2

 Date: 20th October 2017 

 Time: 13:00

 Activity Length: 210 mins
 Type: Adventure Walks 
 Activity Run By: Nicola Sproson 
 Activity Lead By: Charlie Sproson 
 Location: National Trust Fell Foot Park

Its one thing walking with poles and another running, but you have to learn to walk before you can run!

In part 2 of the day you will learn to run in the most efficient way with poles, understand the movement skill, uphill and downhill techniques and more. 

We will then head out for a 5 to 10k run to settle in what you have covered throughout the day around  High Dam, a great place to test your newly learnt skills. 

**Some technical ground will be covered so trail running shoes are essential.  Please also bring water proofs with you,even on a good day, these will act as your emergency layer.  We will get a good speed up to do this loop in the allotted time so make sure you come with a water bottle & high energy snack, and a pack to take some layers off as we head up the fell!

Booking and cost: 

Price: £75:00

Booking coming very soon....


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