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Power to the People - No Zip Here

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Sometimes it seems the people really do have the power to stop things & thankfully the people of Glenridding pulled together and really made a difference to stop the Zip Wire at all costs.

If your all over 40 then you'll remember Citizen Smith, with Wolfie as the main star. His catch phrase was about Power to the People & thats just what we have experienced in Glenridding. The people really do have power. 

This Friday there was a poll in the parish to see how many of the parish members, people living in the valley basically, wanted or did not want the proposed zip wire by Tree Top Treks. 

Mike Turner (Head of TTT) & Richard Leafe (head of the LDNPA) took a barrage a few weeks ago at a Q & A for the proposed zip wire, it was unnaminous that all but Mike & Richard in the room did not want the zip wire, but Mike had advised that the 100+ in the room were not representative of the parish, so a vote was held. Mike publicly stated he would not proceed, should the vote favour the No Zip Here campaign. 

This morning it has been released that the poll was a majority in favour of not having the proposed Zip Wire installation running from Greenside Mines to Glenridding & the vote stats have been sent to Mike & Richard. 

Good to his word, Mike Turner has offered an official statement this morning to the effect of: 

'Whilst I obviously regret not having been able to develop the concept into a proposal, the local community has made their views very clear and I will stand by our commitment not to pursue this any further in Glen Ridding. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to debate what was always going to be a contentious topic and in doing so have at least demonstrated that the zip wire concept is valid and broadly acceptable in the right location. I would like to thank the community again for their time. It is to their complete credit that they have been so unified in their response.'

Well it can't be more clear than that, so now everyone in the village & valley can breathe a sigh of relief & get on with their lives & preparations for Christmas. Hopefully the pub will be busy tonight, with everyone in the village having a few jars to elevate the stress this proposal has caused. 

Mountain Run would publicly like to thank Mike Turner for his honest approach & honesty in sticking to what he stated & wish Tree Top Treks good luck in finding the right location, as we all know Zip Wires are fun, its just finding the right location in order to do it, without upsetting the apple cart. 

We feel it appropriate that everyone has a little joyous cheer & watches the theme tune to that great British comedy, Citizen Smith!!

No Zip Here - Statements by the LDNPA & Local Community

No Zip Here - Statements by the LDNPA & Local Community

Further to the recent post about the Zip Wire proposals being scrapped in Glenridding, we thought it might be appropriate to post what the LDNPA have to say & the local community in response to Tree Top Treks statement & the LDNPA.

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