Bespoke Navigation courses

The courses are for up to 4 people, if we get any less than 2 then we can't run the course, so make sure you tell your friends. 

Prices for a set course are £60 per person, this includes all of what you need to know to get you 'into and out of' the mountains safely. 

You will need to supply your own clothing and equipment, plus food for the day. 

The course will start at 10am and finish at 4pm with a break for lunch. Over lunch, we can discuss nutrition if you would like knowledge on this as well.

The maximum group size we will accommodate is 6 with a single leader, this is due to safety of the group. 

If you have a larger group size, please email for further information. We can accommodate, but the price will be more as we will need more that one group leader to guide you. 

We can operate one on one tuition at a cost of £160 per day, if you require a day split for 2 people, we will offer you 20% discount. 

What do you get? 

  • First hand knowledge of how to navigate in the mountains
  • Specially designed around Mountain Running
  • Depending on the course you are on, relevant skills for the level of competence you are at.
  • Understanding of maps and converting that information to what is visible on the ground in front of you 
  • Years of experience from elite mountain runners
  • The knowledge that Mountain Run plan courses for navigational events, such as ones run by Ourea Events. 

Pricing Guide: 

  • A 1:1 navigation coaching day in the mountains will cost £160 - This will be for up to 8 hours
  • A 1:1 navigation coaching  half day in the mountains will cost £100 - This will be up to 4 hours
  • A 2:1 course/day will receive a 20% discount, making it £120 per person (Total = £240)
  • A 3:1 course/day will receive a further discount of 20% again, making it £96 per person. (Total = £288)
  • A course for 4 people will be charged at £75 per person, giving just more than another 20% discount per person (Total = £300), we will only run a course if we have 3 or more and will work on a 1:6 basis. The course will not run with less than 3 people. 
  • Each person after 4 people, i.e; 5 people and more are all charged at £60 each. (5 people would equal £300, 6 people would equal £360 and so on......)

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