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Check in for the latest posts and updates from Mountain Run.

Check in for the latest posts and updates from Mountain Run.

The Spine Race - Recce # Three

Out on the Pennine Way again last week end, more learnt, more to learn….

Mountain Skills & Montane testing - Wet & wild day out in the Lakes

Nicola and I were out yesterday on a Mountain Skills day out, getting Nicola's head ready for Winter Mountaineering. I was testing out some new kit I've been sent from Montane for the Spine Race.

One to One Navigation Courses through Nav4 Adventure

Nav4 Adventure asked me to cover a day last week with Imran for a One to One Navigation training day

The Spine Race - Recce # Two

More lessons from the Trail on the Spine Race/Pennine Way

The Spine Race - Recce #One

Lessons from the trail

Scottish Barefoot Running Conference

Footworks, an Edinburgh Running Shop, hosts the 2nd Scottish Barefoot Running Conference at the park across the road from the Footworks Store

Lakes 100 Checkpoint and the Lakeland 50

Running a checkpoint and trying to compete the following day is a tall order, I've tried for the last 2 years, this year I got my chance at the 50 and blew it....

Ski Touring in the Lake District

I learnt to ski in the Lakes, we had a rope tow up Kirkstone Pass, one of the first, if not the first. From the age of 6 I have played on skis and lots of it in the Lakes

Fell Routes - Spring running around the head of Martindale in the East Lakes

Martindale is a great valley, cut off from the rest of the Lakes by the col between Hallin Fell and Steel Knotts, its like a hidden valley. Granted everyone knows about it and its most likely a busy little place in summer, but in mid February, you can go there and forget about the rest of the world for a while and most likely see nobody.

Kirk Yetholm to Alwinton, down the Pennine Way

So the day before I ran barefoot on the beach, it chewed my feet up, what a suprise, but it was good, real good. But were my feet OK to run 18 miles down the Pennine Way.

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